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– December 10th –

Hazardous waste and
Electronic Declaration

Online @ Microsoft Teams

Norwegian law requires all organizations that generate more than one kilo of hazardous waste per year to deliver the waste to an authorized hazardous waste recipient.

The Pollution Control Act states that all hazardous and radioactive waste must be declared online in prior to dispatch.

The Waste Regulations’ chapter 11 concerning hazardous waste and chapter 16 concerning radioactive waste describes the requirements related to delivery, handling, storage, declaration and labelling.

Hazardous waste may be recycled, treated, recovered to produce energy or deposited. Safe handling and disposition of hazardous waste is only possible if the waste is sorted into the correct fractions, correctly packed, properly declared and handled the right way from the start.

By attending “SAR Hazardous waste and Electronic Declaration Course” you will get an introduction to the hazardous waste regulations and how to declare the waste.

The course is ideal for everyone who is involved with hazardous waste e.g. environmental supervisors, HSE personnel, material coordinators as well as warehouse- and operative personnel. No prior knowledge is required, and candidates will receive a certificate of completion. Contact one of our environmental advisors for more information about the course content.

The course will cover the following subjects:

  • What is hazardous waste?

  • How can hazardous waste impact the environment?

  • New technology, treatment methods and downstream solutions

  • Laws and regulations

  • Basic waste chemistry

  • Low activity radioactive waste (LRA)

  • Batteries

  • Infectious waste

  • Classification and handling

  • Packaging and transport (dangerous goods)

  • Electronic declaration

  • and more…

Register today


Our environmental advisors are hosting the course "Hazardous waste and Electronic Declaration" through Microsoft Teams.

  • The training takes place in groups of 5-25 participants (min. 5, max. 25 participants). Hence, there will be good opportunity for questions and discussions.

  • This course is a 1 day-course in Norwegian, and will last from 08.30 – approx. 15.30. English courses are available upon request.

  • Courses that are canceled by customer less than 7 days before will be invoiced.

Registration closes November 26th!

If you wish to register after the registration is closed, please send a request to


Environmental Advisors

As environmental advisors in SAR; Marthe, Carina and Hanne provide internal and external support on hazardous waste with regards to training, courses and consulting. Externally, they are working with specific assignments  both offshore and onshore, such as consulting in environmental mapping and preparing waste management plans.


Carina Robberstad

Environmental Advisor

Carina Robberstad has a Master of Science in Environmental Chemistry and Biotechnology from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Carina has previously worked as a laboratory engineer for an oil service company with optimizing drilling- and completion fluids. Additionally, she has worked as a high school science teacher.


Marthe Axdal

Environmental Advisor

Marthe Axdal has a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from the University of Stavanger. Marthe has previously worked for various oil service companies with testing and development of production chemicals. Marthe is head of hazardous waste in SAR


Hanne Hillestad Wold

Environmental Advisor

Hanne Hillestad Wold has a Master’s degree in Chemistry. Hanne has previously worked for the Stavanger University Hospital as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist (BLS). Furthermore, she has worked for an oil service company with testing and development of production chemicals.

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